No Buy — October

Sales are everywhere. And each seem to be better than the last. I have become obsessed with finding the best deal, best rate, cheapest price.

It’s become an obsession. 

Even though I have been getting incredible deals, it all adds up.

The letdown. 

And before we know it, the holiday season will be in full swing and the spending will be in high gear.

I am hitting pause, resetting my spending habits with a no spend October.

One month of no spending before the holiday rush.I am hoping this will help us save money so the girls’ can have the Hanukkah/Christmas they deserve without me working.

I am going to allow a few exceptions:

  1. Necessities: I plan on using as much food as we have stock piled in the freezer and pantry. Other than that, when we are low on must have’s I will pick them up. And for our sanity, we won’t have to go without coffee, wine, and snacks.
  2. Emergencies: Car breaks down, we won’t go without transportation all month to save the money.
  3. Halloween Custom/Accessories: I haven’t figured out customs yet, and won’t have them figured out before October 1st.

I plan to unfollow IG accounts that make me want to shop for the month. If I miss those accounts I will follow again November 1st.

That’s all. Can I do it? Will you be joining me on this exciting, money saving adventure?! Comment below and let me know who’s in.


2 thoughts on “No Buy — October”

  1. I typically try to keep spending to a minimum throughout the year until Christmas time. I am so grateful that my husband has adjusted a little to my mindset because he loves stuff. I do enjoy stuff too but experiences are always worth more to me. I’m excited to hear how this month goes for you. Can’t wait to hear your reflections and so forth. It’s interesting to set goals like this and then monitor your feelings and thoughts throughout the whole month, what tempts you, etc.


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