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Gift Guide — Kids

Kids and Babies are the hardest for shop for. Babies are even harder?!

Why spend a lot of money on toys for them when they will outgrow it or loose interest. I have compiled best toys broken down by age under $25, with one exception.

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Ages 0-24 months:

  • Pop-up pals: Adorable toy is perfect for a baby, it’s cute and has a handle so they can hold it when they are mobile. Marked down to $7.76.
  • Soft squeeze play blocks: These blocks are perfect for younger kids. They are soft and easy to manage with their tiny hands. Plus comes with a carry case for easy storage. We had these for Dylan and she loved them.  Marked down to $8.63.
  • Mega blocks: Perfect way to get your babies started with building. They come in bright colors and are easy to manage with their small hands. You can add more sets so they can build more and more. Easy to store bag. This is another toy Dylan loves and Tabitha loves now too. Available in classic or Pink for $0.02 more. Marked down to $14.90.
  • Ice-gel teether: The perfect stocking stuffer for your baby! You can never have enough teethers. Tabitha loves this one.
  • V-tech busy learners cube: This was one of Dylan’s favorite toys when she was a baby. It kept her interest for hours. Marked down to $16.88.
  • Sassy wonder activity wheel: Attach this to the highchair while getting your baby’s food ready. It will keep them entertained and busy. Another toy Dylan loved. Marked down to $6.79
  • Color matching egg set: Scoped this one up! It’s marked down to $17.99.
  • Lego First train set: Great set to get your little one started with smaller legos but still large enough they won’t chock. Plus it’s a train set! Marked down to $15.99.
  • Rattle and car roll: Easy grip for tiny hands. Tabitha loves this one! Marked down to $4.97.

Ages 2-4 years: 

  • Grocery cart filled with food: Amazingly cute addition to your home! This is perfect for pretend play. It includes 23 pieces of pretend food. Marked down to $13.99.
  • Water proof nail polish: Princess nail polish that washes off with water. Dylan has this and she loves it. It’s $17.99, currently not on sale but still a great gift idea.
  • Magnetic blocks: These are the perfect gift that kids will love year after year. These kids are pricey but this one is a great deal. It’s too good not to include — 123 piece set marked down from $59 to $34. (make sure you mark the box to get an additional $5 off making it $34) This is the perfect suggestion for a grandparent gift.
  • Color bath dropz: These make bath time fun! Dylan loves these! Marked down to $6.71.
  • Tonka classic dump truck: It features a moveable steal bed for dumping. Marked down to $23 from $68.
  • IQ builder: I remember this from when I was a kid. It’s great to get your kids using fine motor skills and build whatever their imagination dreams. $24.97
  • Candy Land: Perfect first board game. On sale at Target to $5.99, $5 less than it is on Amazon.
  • Hot Wheels pack: Perfect stocking stuffer! Includes 5 cars for $3.97. Sale ends today!

The deals are endless lately! Please share the deals you have found below.

Happy Shopping!

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