Easy Valentine’s Activity

I am always looking for easy activities to do with my kiddos. It helps keeps us all sane.

This Valentine’s activity happened by accident. We will be making this a yearly tradition, the girls had so much fun with it.

My oldest started cutting out different size hearts and asked to hang them in our house. That’s just what we did. She and I cut different size hearts. Then, both girls (6 and 3) decorated some hearts. They helped me hang them. We made a few accent walls throughout the house.

All you need:

  • Contraction paper, various colors depending on what you what to do. We have one wall that is just Valentine’s colors and another wall that is all colors of the rainbow.
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, marketers, stickers, etc, anything you would want to use to decorate the hearts
  • Masking tape (scotch tape will work too but masking tape is best so it won’t ruin the walls)

Then, draw hearts for your kids to cut out. Or let them cut them on their own. Cutting is to practice to help your kids improve their fine motor skills. For the younger kids, if you feel comfortable they can try cutting. If that’s too hard for them, let them decorate hearts.

Let the kids, tape them to the wall or direct you where they want them to go.

This activity is super fun, easy and the kids love it! Comment below or post on Instagram and tag us @markdowns_and_letdowns if you try this easy activity with your kids.

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