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iWatch Bands

I have had my iWatch for 3.5 years and I have loved it from the start. It really has helped me stay motivated to move my body. I have become obsessed with closing all my rings. On days when I feel like I have accomplished nothing if I have closed my rings I feel like I did something. In the pandemic, it’s really helped me more than I would have expected. So many days I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to sit still and veg. We all know having young children that never happens.

One of things I love about the iWatch is changing the bands. Over the years I have tried several bands and more recently have given a few for gifts.

My Top 7 Bands:

Leopard Silicon Band: Very similar to the band that comes with the watch in texture, but comes in fun designs. I have the leopard one. It’s comfortable, easy to switch out and wear. Best part it’s only $6.99. 10 out of 10. I could not recommend this band enough. It’s really held up over the years.

Tan Leather Band: Genuine leather iWatch band that comes in several colors. It also comes with a watch face protector to help save your watch from scratches and cracks. The band is easy to change and comfortable. However, it didn’t hold up that well over the 3 years since I have had it. It’s $15.99. 7 out of 10. It lasted well enough for the price for 3 years.

Silicon textured Sports Band: This band comes in many color options. It’s easy to change and wear. This band closes like a normal watch similar to a belt. I have it in the light grey but am going to order the pink sand. 9 out of 10 because it got dirty and it was harder to clean with the texture.

Gifts Given:*

Mesh Magnetic Adjustable Strap: This band easily makes your watch look classy and sophisticated. It makes it easy to change the band and looks great. 8 out of 10, my mother-in-law really likes this one. My only issue is if you don’t add the face protecter with the color to match the band it looks off.

Stainless Steel Metal Wrist Band: This band makes any iWatch look slick, professional and dressy. This band makes the watch really stand out. The only downside, it is not an easy band change. It comes with a small screwdriver to do the job. It’s not easy but worth it. 7 out of 10 because of how hard it is to change.

Men’s Brown Genuine Leather Band: This band is a great way to make your watch look dressed up without being overly dressed up. It’s easy to change and looks awesome on. 9 out of 10, great price for this leather band.

Men’s Black Genuine Leather Band: Another great leather option for a man in your life, easy to change and looks great on. 9 out of 10 as well.

In My Cart:

Silicone Deep Grey Band: This band caught my eye when I was looking for watch bands for my in-laws. I love how sleek it looks against the rose gold. Bonus it’s less than $7.

*It’s too soon to say how the gifted bands will hold up since they have not had them very long. I will update as I find out how they last.

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