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Gift Guide for the Guy in Your Life

My husband is a man who never wants anything, aren’t they all? Never needs anything, and never is excited when he gets anything. This past holiday season, I tried extra hard to get him gifts I thought he would love. These would be perfect gift ideas for upcoming Father’s day!

Some where hits, and others who really knows with his lack luster reaction. I am sharing what I found for him with hopes it helps you through out the year.

Memory foam slippers: My husband is always looking for his sneakers to run into the garage. These slippers are exactly what he needed. They are comfortable and easy to take on and off.

His reaction: Thrilled so excited, happy to have his first pair of slippers. Recommend.

Light Weight Pajama Pants: These were a last minute decision but I am glad I grabbed them. These lounge pants are light weight, soft and have pockets.

His reaction: So excited to have comfortable pants with pockets.

LED Tactical Flashlights: My daughter’s have been playing and hiding my husband’s flashlights. These flashlights are the perfect size for a pocket, great for camping, sturdy and best of all comes with batteries.

His reaction: Yes! I can use more flashlights.

iPhone Wallet Case: The perfect case for a man who is always looking for his wallet. The search for the wallet has become so much worse since the Pandemic and he never leaves the house. He keeps his debt card and license in this. It has saved us stress and time when trying to leave the house. This case comes in many colors.

His initial reaction: Old people use cases like this. He quickly came around when he put his cards in the case and realized it saved him so much time and stress.

Portal Solar Charger: The perfect small charger that charges easily on a sunny window sill. Perfect for camping or everyday life.

His initial reaction: Wow, this is awesome! Great find.

Reusable Silicon Magnetic Cable Ties: These are colorful, magnetic cable ties. I thought my husband would love these and use them often. It was an epic failure. I don’t think he ever used one. I don’t recommend this one.

His initial reaction: What the heck is this? And he has yet to use them, who even knows where they are. Fail.

Hanging Hat Organizer: What man does not have a million hats all over the house? None that I can think of. I got my husband this handy hat organizer. It’s simple to use, just Velcro’s over a hanger.

His initial reaction: Unsure what it was, but when I set it up, he loves it! Plus it really helps keep his hats organized for under $10.

Back and Neck Massager: I have not gotten this for my husband yet but I have gotten this for my mom and in-laws for the holidays. I got a killer deal around $35 each. It’s the perfect back massager, somewhat compact with a big punch.

Their initial reaction: What’s this? Ohhh, this looks like it will help our back pain. Months after using is pretty often, they love it. Highly recommend this but I would wait for a sale.

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