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Snacks — The good, the Bad and the Must Have

IMG_1686Snacks the worst word a toddler could ever learn according to 4 out of 5 moms according to me, the mom of 2.

Moms are always on the hunt for new, “healthy”, easy to grab snacks. My girls are more picky than most and won’t even touch a veggie and rarely a fruit.

The Letdown. .  .

Dylan and Tabitha are the toughest critic when it comes to all things snack.


61xERozYHzL._SL1000_Apple Sauce: Tabitha’s absolute favorite. If I would let her, she would live on the apple sauce pouches alone. She was having 10 or so a day until we recently cut her back to 3-5 a day.  You can get apple sauce anywhere, some brands are more expensive than others.  I found Kirkland Signature is the cheapest at 24 pouches at $9.99.

String Cheese: Both girls like this one, and truly what kid doesn’t? I generally buy the store brand which is a dollar or 2 less than the name brands and tastes the same.

Sabra_Hummus_Red_Pepper_W_Pretzels_-_InstacartSabra Hummus with Pretzel Packs: These are challenging for young children to open on their own but they love them. Costco sells these in a 6 pack for around $8.

Pretzel Chips: Comes 10 packs per bag. It’s the perfect size to make your child happy and yummy too.

Fruit: My daughter’s will only eat raspberries, bananas, strawberries and recently (thanks to school) apples. Tabitha loves watermelon. I like to get it pre-cut at the market since most of our family won’t eat it. A large watermelon would go to waste with it.


Rice Crispy Treats, either home made or from the store in easy to grab packages, they are a hit.

Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn Potato Chips: Comes 6 bags per pack, not the healthiest but better than real potato chips.

Gold Fish: Now comes in small packages with fun themes, like Mickey, Toy Story, etc.


Cheez_It__Baked_Snack_Crackers__Original__45_count____Shop___Smart___FinalCheez-it’s: What kid doesn’t adore these delicious treats? My kids were eating these like crazy. I found a 36 individual pack box on Amazon for only $8.46. Smart & Final has this 45 pack for $11.69.

Kettle Corn Trader-Joes Popcorn: Comes 6 individual bags per package. The packs on a decent size in the kid world.

Pirate’s Booty: Individual packs of amazingness. Low-calorie for moms and yummy for kids. Bonus, not much sugar.

What are your kids enjoying these days? Please comment below and share! I am always looking for new suggestions.

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