Meal Prep– School Year Addition

In just four days, my oldest will be starting kindergarten.

The letdown . . . How the heck is she 5 years old?

I have mixed emotions from excited to worried and everything you can imagine in between.

This past week I started to gear up for the upcoming school year with “meal prep.” I have always wanted to be organized enough to know what we are eating a few days in advance; not just a few minutes. The start of kinder is a great time for the entire family to get organized and back on track.

Costco Finds:

IMG_2485Egg Bitessimilar to the egg muffins I have been making for my kids but these are already made, which is helpful if you didn’t have time to make the egg muffins. These come 5 in a pack for $9. Great for busy mornings when you can’t make eggs for your kids.

Pre- Made Meals; Costco has an array of pre-made delicious meals under $20 including Stuffed Bell Peppers, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Enchilada, Ravioli Lasagna, etc. Easy to heat up but takes 45 – 60 minutes. I have been cooking the meals while Tabitha naps and then microwaving the amount we need for dinner when the kids are hungry. These meals generally last us a few days.

Sabra Classic Hummus with Pretzels to go packs; Perfect for a healthy yummy option for kids lunchbox. 6 packs for $7.

Kirkland Organic Apple Sauce; 24 squeeze pouches for $9.99; $0.41 each.

Trader Joe’s Finds:

Organic Smoothies; comes in 2 flavors Strawberry and Wild Berry. Perfect size for a IMG_2488lunchbox or after school snack. It’s 4 for $3.29.

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Popcorn, great individual packed snacks.

Joe’s Diner Mac ‘N Cheese; found in the freezer section, perfect for a dinner option in a pinch. It tastes yummy and only takes a few minutes to make. As of now, both girls will enjoy one package for 2 meals.

Trader Joes Turkey Corn Dogs; another easy meal found in the freezer section of your Trader Joe’s. They are yummy, easy to make and my kids love them. I heat them in our toaster oven to ensure they are crispy.


Mini Chicken Tacos; a delicious item found in the freezer appetizer section. These are made for apps but a few of these tacos are perfect dinner option for picky eaters.

Organic Roasted Seaweed with Sea Salt; 6 per pack for $3.29 (I believe).

Amazon Finds:

Cheez-It Baked Snack: My kids are currently obsessed with these crackers. I was buying the boxes but they were not staying fresh. These snack size bags are perfect, but are expensive. I found a 36 box on Amazon currently selling for $8.46; $0.24 per pack. That’s a great deal. In the supermarket, 8 box is $5.89 or $0.73 each.

GoGo squeeze Apple Sauce; if you’re not into the Kirkland Apple Sauce, GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce is $9.48 for 20; $0.47 each.

I would love to know how are you prepping for the school year. Have you started to meal prep? Comment below with your tips especially those parents will older children. I would love to learn from your experience.

8 thoughts on “Meal Prep– School Year Addition”

  1. breakfast here are pretty simple. The boys make themselves breakfast before school. My oldest likes microwave breakfast burritos (we just got a large box at Costco), my youngest eats yogurt, pb, cereal or other easy foods. my boys make their own lunches before they go to bed (they started this in 1st grade) They have to pack a protein, fruit/veggie and a junk. It totally depends on their mood what they pack. I let them know when I’m going to the store and they can request specific things. I always have chicken tenders in the freezer and uncrustables.

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    1. Wow. I am impressed! They make their own lunch? That’s great. I would love for my daughter to get her breakfast herself but the microwave is way to high for her to reach. But cereal she could do. I will try to get her to do this as the year goes on.


      1. when they were younger I would help with the microwave as needed. We also had a stand that my husband made in the kitchen (we called it the kid holder) that the boys used and could reach higher items and comfortably work on the counter, that helped. my sons used this in their lunchbox for the first 3 or so years so it helped with them pack their lunch https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B002B4S75I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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