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Back to School Fashion

Back-to-School is in full affect.

Dylan started back on Tuesday. Each day this week, she has been sporting a new adorable look. Here are her outfits of the day and the deals I found.


IMG_2617Cat & Jack Orange Stripe Fox Dress: $17.99 with 20% now with code CJDRESS This discount code expires 8/24.

Cat & Jack Gold Annika Metallic Sandal: $16.99

White Cat & Jack Hair Bow: $2.50 (we have had this one for years and it has held up well)




IMG_2682Cat & Jack Purple Rainbow Dress: $9.99 20% off now with code CJDress

Cat & Jack Toddler Madigan slip-on sneakers: $16.99

Disney Princess Lunchbox: $14.95 on sale for $8.99

Amazon Knee High Socks, pack of 5: $13.69

Pink Fuchsia Flower Hair Clip: $2.50




IMG_2732Gap Minnie Dress: $34, Can’t find this dress online. Might still be available at your local stores.

Old Navy Light Wash Denim Jacket: $29.99 marked down to $12

Cat & Jack Toddler Madigan slip-on sneakers: $16.99

Disney Princess Lunchbox: $14.95 on sale for $8.99




Zara Colorful Crocheted Dress, picked up this one in Paris and is sold out online but marked way down to $7.95, if you can find it on the store. Otherwise, I found this top that is similar for $17.95.

Cat & Jack Grey Cardigan, this one was purchased a few years ago and has held up well. Target no longer makes it. But I found this similar one for $13.

Cat & Jack Gold Annika Metallic Sandal: $16.99

Toddler Girls Teal Velvet Headband: $1.05 super clearance, if you can find it. This headband has held up  and it’s amazing. Both girls love it.

I never pay full price and neither should you.

Are your children back in school? How did back to school shopping go? Anything particular you are looking for? I would be happy to help you find amazing deals, just comment below!

Happy Shopping!

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