The Truth

The Inner Circle — friends from our job together, one of Alex and my first pictures together.

Once upon a time, a girl and a guy worked together and became great friends (told in a previous post)

Pamela and Paul AKA Pauly by our New York boss, went to lunch almost daily, happy hour once a week give or take. Texted every once in a while.

Pamela and Paul(y). Paul(y) and Pamela. Great work friends, nothing more. Well, at least not yet.

Then everything changed.

We went to Marie Calendars for lunch, had to give a name for the hostess. Alex came out of Paul’s mouth.

Alex, I thought? Alex? Who is Alex? Who is this guy I am having lunch with? Is this is the name he gives to hostess so they don’t know his real name? Is he a weirdo?

I let this sink in. I didn’t say anything but kept thinking what is going on here?

As we left lunch, I finally had the courage to ask, “Who is Alex?”

Paul laughed and said “me”.  I quickly asked, “Then who is Paul.”

Paul, is my first name. Alex is my middle name but have always been called Alex.


It took me awhile to get used to calling him Alex after calling him Paul for months. Once I got the hang of it, I could not imagine him being a Paul.




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