With my mom’s pending move from NJ to CA, I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

My family and I are visiting my mom one last time before she moves in a matter of weeks. This trip will likely be our last trip for years, if not forever. I never thought I would ever really say good-bye to NJ. It’s always been a place I came back to—every summer in college, when my rent in NYC raised, I often would move home for a few months while looking for a great affordable place and of course when visiting from CA.

NJ, has always just been there. I am really starting to wrap my head that not being the case anymore. Yes, I know NJ will always be there but with my mom no longer living here there is very little reason for us to come.

It’s really made me think about the people in my life and the last time I have seen them or will likely see them on this trip. I plan to embrace this trip for all it’s worth. I want to give my Southern CA family a true taste of NJ with apple picking (20 mins away not 4 hours), a drive to shore, driving/dancing in the rain, taking in all the greenery and of course exploring PA and NY.

I also plan to take advance of knowing this is likely the last time I will see many people while I am here. I hope my friends and I will meet again, but to date in my 9 years of living in CA not one of my hometown friends has visited me outside of my wedding. Life takes turns you don’t expect and moves at the speed of light, so I am not confident we will meet again. I have known these friends since I was 10, that’s almost 30 years of friendship. We don’t talk on the phone or text often but when I am in town we always do our best to meet up. And it’s always like no time has past.

I am fortunate I know this is the last time I will see so many people. I know so many people don’t know it is the last time you will see someone and later have regrets. I am going to do my best to put my phone down, live in the moment and not regret this time.

I hope this will help you reflect and embrace the people around you. You never know this could be the last time you see them.




3 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Apple picking is on my bucket list. I have never been to California or New Jersey but I would love to go. I love to travel. Actually, when we plan vacations, we always try to visit a different state and one day I’d like to be able to say I’ve been to all the states. I think it’s so important and lovely to live in the moment as much as possible. I’m glad you got to do that. It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a season but it’s amazing what new seasons bring- friends, surprises, and experiences that sometimes you never could imagine would occur in your life. Always great to connect! I enjoyed reading! 💖


    1. I also love traveling. I dream of going back to Europe but in the mean time I love your goal, picking a new state you have not been to before. There are so many states we have not been to. Plus it’s fun to explore new states, so nice to see how different places are in the same country. I agree! And hopefully we will get some visitors.

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