Meeting my Love


Every little girl dreams of meeting the love of their lives, I was not like most girls.

After struggling the date my entire life, I all but gave up finding the live of my life. That was until I met Paul, my corner bud at a start-up. Yes, you read correctly, we shared a corner on the outside of the cubicles. It was a very fancy place.

Paul and I became inseparable, talked daily, went to lunch and happy hours together. Tequila became our best friend. That’s the best way to coop with a toxic work environment, right?

I had my blinders on, no idea how I was truly feeling about my corner buddy until we all went out to a company happy hour. Someone he was dating stopped by and everything changed for me. Something everyone around us knew for some time, finally was at the forefront of my mind.

From that moment on being around him was awkward.

Sitting in the car next to him was even hard. I could not get out of my head.

I had to tell him my feelings.

Soon after, we met for happy hour, had the talk and the rest is history.  Neither one of us could deny the feelings we both had.

We started dating 4 months later. It became serious quickly. We would spend one week at his place in West LA and one week at my place in Hollywood. I didn’t have a car, so Paul would drive me back and forth. My cat, Zoe would go back and forth too.  It was such a fun time!

Paul asked me to move-in with him in October. I refused.  I am traditional and thought you don’t move-in until you are married or engaged. He convinced me, and I agreed to move into his bachelor pad in December.

Little did I know, he planned to propose in New York over Thanksgiving and were officially engaged before we moved in together.

SEVEN years later . . . .

We are still living in his 2 bedroom/2 bathroom bachelor pad. . . .



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