No Letdown with my Uppababy Vista

This post is sponsored by Uppababy. All opinions are truthfully and fully my own. 


Before I had a baby, I didn’t understand the importance of your stroller. I thought any stroller would do.

When I was pregnant, we started looking at strollers and I saw the difference between the cheaper models and the high-end ones. Buy Buy Baby had almost every model of stroller you could imagine.

I happily tested the strollers with sand-bag baby stand-ins. I immediately fell in love with the Uppababy Vista. It made me feel like I was walking on air, loved the way it looked, and we could add another seat if/when we had another child.


I was sold.

I was sold but Alex wasn’t so sure.

We continued our research. By continue our research I mean, Alex kept looking for other options and I was figuring out ways to convince him this was the one.

For me, the search was over.

I could not stop talking about the amazing Uppababy Vista. I kept sending Alex reviews, side-by-side comparisons, articles, anything I found, I send his way.

Finally, we went back to check out MY stroller.

All my research, all my dedication, all of my persuading, the Uppababy came home with us!


This amazing stroller comes with everything you need from birth to toddler years, making it extremely easy to customize for your needs at that moment.  Over the past 4 years, our Uppababy Vista has become integral part of our family starting with the bassinet and slowly moved up to the reversible toddler seat and finally adding the Rumble seat for our Tabitha.

I could not be happier with our decision. With our first Dylan, we used our stroller daily, everywhere we went, from hiking to shopping, to long walks. Everywhere. Our stroller took a real beating.

Uppababy’s customer service is hands down the best customer service team I have ever encountered. They were kind, understanding and always quick to help fix a problem. While our stroller was under its UbXtend 3-year warranty accessible with an online registration, we had many parts (including the entire frame) replaced. I explained the issue, sent pictures and within a matter of days the part was shipped. Without a doubt, their customer service makes this stroller undeniable.

The VISTA is a performance stroller system that has a variety of configurations and maneuvers. It could go from a single stroller with the ability to adapt as a family grows.  And we did just that! When Tabitha was born we took full advantage of the rumble seat. Dylan and Tabitha simply love sitting across from each other. The laughter never ends.

2014 Uppababy Vista, newer models look different

From when we first found our Vista to now, I have not stopped talking about how amazing this company and stroller is. And now least 6 of my friends have an Uppababy stroller or car seat. Our love for the products and company keep growing.Full

There is no letdown for us with the Uppababy!

Where will our Uppababy takes us to our next adventure? Follow along to find out.

What’s your favorite baby brand you can’t live without? I would love to hear what brands bring a smile to you when you see them out and about.

This post is sponsored by Uppababy as I am brand ambassador for them. All opinions are truthfully and fully my own. 





6 thoughts on “No Letdown with my Uppababy Vista”

  1. This sounds like a great stroller! I love products that grow with kids and are multifunctional. It’s so nice to deal with companies that have fantastic customer service too. I wasn’t smart enough to think about a stroller that could adapt to a double stroller one day but I’ll have to share your post so others might consider this stroller. 😉


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