10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Covid Style

As everything else has gone down in 2020, Halloween will be no different. Trick-or Treating will be out. It will most defiantly not be what we have done in years past.

Oh, the letdown . . .

So, how can we make the most of it? Do your best to make Halloween as normal as possible, hard feat but it can be done. Keep traditions alive. I compiled a list of fun options that I will likely be doing with my girls.

Family Costume
Under the Sea

Dress Up:

We all know dressing up is not cheap, but it’s always fun. I plan to dress up as a family like we always do. I don’t know how many years I will have where they will allow a family costume. I am riding this train as long as I can and not skipping a year due to Covid. I plan to do something easy and fun that the girls will reuse for playing dress-up.


Contact close friends, or neighbors you trust and feel comfortable accepting candy from. Ask them if your kids can go trick-or treating at their house. Who wouldn’t want to help a child feel normal? Plus a visit from an adorable child in their costume in a pandemic would make anyone say yes. I plan to ask my neighbors, and grandparents if we can stop by. If you do go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood, you can twitch the candy with candy you bought so you feel safer.

Candy Hunt:

Children are used to getting lots and lots of candy for Halloween. Most of which we (I) toss cause we don’t eat tootsie rolls, sucking candy, etc. Buy candy your family will enjoy. Hide it around your house for a hunt like you do an egg hunt for Easter. They will love it and you will love having candy you enjoy.

Backyard pumpkin carving gathering, so 2019

Pumpkin Carving:

This virus will not take pumpkin carving away. Buy a few pumpkins and a pumpkin carving kit. Carve pumpkins with your immediate family or invite a friend or two to join if you feel comfortable. Remember not to carve your pumpkins too early or they will become moldy. Helpful tip: rub the inside of the pumpkin with vaseline to help it from getting moldy so fast.

Zoom Friends:

Yes, we are all over Zoom. I totally get it. The nice thing about Zoom is you can connect with friends near and far. Dress up in your Halloween costume, have contest, play a few games, have a dance party.


Socially distanced trick-or-treating at it’s finest. This is typically an organized event a school, church, girl/boy scouts. You decorate your trunk and hand out handy. If you go this route, make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer.

Boo Friends:

Make a Halloween themed treat bag filled with candy, games, crafts, stickers, include a fun note so they know who it’s from and leave this fun bag by their front door.

Halloween Movie Marathon:

Well before Covid, I went to an all day, all night scary Halloween movie marathon at an old movie theatre. It was such a fun way to enjoy new and old scary movies!

Pumpkin patch with matching pumpkin tutus

Pumpkin Picking:

Some local pumpkin patches are opened with reservations. Take advantage of that! Bring a mask and stay socially distanced.


Nothing says Halloween like decorating your home inside and out. Make your home sweet, silly or scary! Just have fun decorating.

How will you incorporate your normal Halloween traditions with this years restrictions? I would love to hear how you plan to do so, please comment below your safe ideas.

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