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Best Quarantine Purchases– Summer

Since Covid hit, making our lives at home easier, comfortable and less like we are missing out is top priority.

We are either stuffing our face with food, drinking our woes away, working out to not gain weight from all the drinking and eating, or trying new beauty regiment– best to try now when no one will see you if it doesn’t work out– oh well, no one will see you anyway.


Yoga short with pockets– In 100 ° heat, shorts are best when working-out outside. Extremely comfortable, and best of all, these yoga shorts have pockets, perfect for holding your cell phone. Runs true to size.

Sports bra– I can never have enough sports bras. They always disappear, these are soft, not too tight and come in a few different colors. $25 for 3.

Workout shorts- I found a few options from Walmart that I love.

  • Soft, athletic shorts with pockets, comes in many color options. Run small, I would suggest sizing up. Only $5.96. In-store purchase only, but worth goin into the store for these.
  • Running shorts, no pockets, but are super comfortable, and currently on clearance for only $5. In-store purchase only for these too.
  • Running shorts, pockets, comes in a few colors. Also on clearance for $5, very few sizes left but if you can get any of these you have scored.

Backyard Necessities

Disney beach towels- Who doesn’t need another beach towel? These are the perfect size for kiddos, come in Disney characters, and are only $9.44.

Water balloons Nothing like a water balloon fight but no one wants fill them. Attach these to your hose, turn the water on and the bunch fills on there own. Play a game or just throw them at each other. Like with all water balloons, picking up the broken balloons is the worst part of playing with them. Make a game, give your kids a bag to collect the broken balloons. Who ever collects the most, wins a prize. Game changer.

Inflatable unicorn– Perfect for entertaining yourself or your kids, hours of entertainment. Only downside, it does not come with a pump.


Aveeno foot and hand mask- Best thing next to getting an actual pedicure or manicure. Your hands and feet will be so soft. Best to use right after the shower when your feet are spotless.

Callus remover- Use your callus remover in addition to the foot mask and you will never get a professional pedicure again.

Lounge Wear

Ugg dup slippers– These are so comfortable and warm. They are the perfect addition to your lounge day. Only $19.88

Perfect Jogger– Your search for the perfect jogger is over. These are amazing and only $20. Size up.

What have been your most satisfying purchases during quarantine that have helped you deal with life now? Comment below. I would love to add to my survival kit.

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