We adapt

Before March 13th when we went into quarantine, life was so different.

We would see friends without a second thought of illness, we would go to the store never think of who is sick around us, go on walk without a mask, go out to dinner sitting inside a restaurant . . . little did we know then, we lived a pretty good free life. I am sure most of us took it for granted.

Five months into this with no end in sight, we have adapted to our “new life.” Most of us, aren’t thrilled with these changes. I am a social person who needs to see friends to keep my sanity from normal life so these changes have been challenging for me.

Our family took these restrictions very seriously.

No ordering in. In the beginning, I would joke about ordering in, at some point it wasn’t funny anymore and I stopped mentioning it. We used to order-in 1-2 times a week without fail and now I was cooking every. single. meal, although Alex is in charge of BBQ.

No seeing friends. I am a social person. Over the past 5 months, I could count on my one hand how many times I have seen friends. As someone who thrives on being social, seeing friends for a boost of sanity, this has been really hard on my soul.

Barely seeing family. In the beginning of this, we would see family every 2 weeks or longer to make sure we were not carrying covid and was asymptomatic.

Hardly going to stores. We have been using Instachart for almost everything but for my sanity, I have been going to the store about once every 2 weeks or so. I take every precaution you can image, mask (obviously), rubber gloves, whipped all the food down or left in the garage to air out, etc. I would leave a change of clothes in the garage to change when I got home. I didn’t walk inside the house with the shoes I used when I went to the store. I never take a phone in the store. I had write my lists. I miss strolling stores. I miss being around people.

About 2 weeks ago, on day 156 we FINALLY ordered-in. It was amazing, the excitement of a delicious meal I didn’t have to cook. I was also really nervous, and worried. I kept thinking if this meal gives us Covid, my husband will never let me live this down. I can safely say 13 days later, we didn’t get Covid from ordering-in. And we will order-in again, someday. I hope sooner than later.

I never would have thought I would have gone 2 weeks without ordering-in, never mind 5 months. But I did it.

I adapted.

We all adapted to this “new” life.

We have grown. We know what we can do without and we what we need. I know, I am making changes, not to waste valuable time, not to see friends I don’t care to, not to spent previous time on an obligation I don’t care about. I have learned to say no, which isn’t too hard when there isn’t a lot of invites when there is a pandemic.

How are you handle the pandemic? What changes are you making? I would love to hear from you. Comment below.

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