Ghosts, Gules and Princess — 4 Tips on Finding the Best Group Costume on a Budget!


As soon as October hits, it’s time to officially start thinking about Halloween and our costumes.

When it comes to holidays, all holidays, I love to celebrate, go over the top and really make memories for my kids (and adults) to think about fondly.

Halloween “the unofficially start of the holiday season” is no exception to this rule, it’s a must.

I have always loved the idea of couple/family costumes. I am sure to my husband’s annoyingness, we have dressed up in matching/group costumes since our 1st Halloween together. Then, I went with the items or customs we had from previous years and go from there. My strategy has not changed much. I love to dress up but I hate spending a lot of money.

Tips for Cost Effective Halloween Costumes:

  • Google/Pinterest search to get ideas. I start searching something like cheap family of 4 costume ideas. Generally all the basic ideas you have seen 100X times come up but if you dig deeper you can find some cute ideas.
  • Narrow down your search to 3-4 good costume ideas. Think about those ideas, do you have items/pieces in your closet or from costumes from previous years you can repurpose.  If one of you have more items for one of the costumes, that would be the costume I would use.
    • If you don’t have anything that would work with your ideas, I would search online to see which costumes are cheaper to help make the final decision
  • Once your costume(s) is/are picked, start putting it together! Do your best to use what you have around your house, or borrow from friends! I used Amazon or Target to find cheap items. Do your best to keep your spending down.
    • I try to keep our max spend $100 for our family of four. I like to spend the bulk of the money on the kids costumes and/or a costume I know we will use again years later. Pinterest is your best friend.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!  Don’t overly stressed-out about your costumes. Remind yourself it’s supposed to be fun and don’t take it too seriously. I need to remind myself of this too.
2011 — Before kids, Hugh Hefner and A Playboy bunny

Custom Ideas

{Couple Custom} Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny: I repurposed the Betty Boop dress. Purchased the ears/tail/wig. I owned the red shoes, and stockings. Alex bought the smoking jacket.

Total: $40

2015 — Bakers and a cupcake

Bakers and Cupcake: Easy, cheap, fun costume! This one hit all my criteria. All items bought on Amazon.

Total: Less than $50, the most cost effective costume to-date!

2016 — Greece

Just say the word . . . Greece Lighting

I repurposed the wig from the Playboy costume. I owed the pleather pants. The Pink Lady jacket and Dylan’s costume was purchased from Amazon. Alex wore what he owned.

Total: Under $50

2017 — Wizard of OZ

This one is going to be hard to be beat . . . Wizard of Oz!  Tabitha, just 4 months old was the lion. Dylan was Dorothy. I was the scarecrow and Alex was the tin man.  All items purchased on Amazon.

Total cost $90

2018– Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast

Last year’s custom was based on the princess Dylan was the most into at the time. Dylan was Bell. Tabitha was Chip which was the hardest custom to find. I ended up getting it on Ebay. Alex was the beast. I got a prince custom that can be repurposed for many customs over the years. And I was Mrs. Potts. My custom was a DIY I based on a look I found on Pinterest.

Total: $110

The best part of these easy, fun, cheap costumes they still work well without the kids counter part. If you are lucky enough to go out sans the kids you can still use these costumes!

What will be this year?

Do your families dress up in matching/themed costumes? I would love to hear from you! Comment below with your ideas! Let’s inspire each other!

7 thoughts on “Ghosts, Gules and Princess — 4 Tips on Finding the Best Group Costume on a Budget!”

  1. My mom always puts our costumes together for us…which is so nice. One less thing for me! My son and daughter have tried on their costumes already and they’re so stinking cute! 💖 Son- Peter Pan Daughter- Tinkerbell My husband and I- pirates. Have a Happy Halloween! 👻


  2. My daughter keeps mentioning witches…so we’ll be witches, warlocks, or wizards…maybe…I don’t know…I think I’ve heard Wizard of Oz talk too…we’ll see…she keeps chatting with my mom about it.


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