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Lifestyle Change — Food Options

Now, that  have broken down how I am doing the “lifestyle change,” this post will cover what I am eating to maintain this new lifestyle. As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I have been eating about 300-400 calories for breakfast and lunch each. About 400-500 for dinner for a total of 1,300 calories per day. I haven’t been as strict with my calorie in-take on the weekends. I am not in a rush to loose weight. I want to get in a rhythm that allows me to enjoy my life, not worry what I am eating and not gain weight.

Breakfast:  It’s always a rush in the mornings, but I like to eat a “hearty breakfast” to start the day.  I discovered Jimmy Dean, Delights.


  • Salads:
    • I buy the salad kit bags  with all the yummy low calorie ingredients prepackaged from the grocery store. IMG_0957If the calories are around 140 or so per serving it’s a keeper. The bags are usually 3.5 servings per bag, so if it’s 140 per serving, multiply 3.5 for total of 490. Then I only eat half so it’s only 245 per serving give or take. When eating a salad, I eye call the contents and split them as best I can into a container, then I add a Tuna or Chicken creation from Starkish for protein. These Starkish creations range in calories from 70-110. I tend to like the ones that are 70-90 calories. These are the best. They are also a good option as a grab and go snack or quick lunch for a big taste and little calories. Total for this salad would range from 316 – 355 calories.
  • Veggie or Turkey patty:
    • Frozen veggie/ turkey patty (I like Vegetable Masala Burger from Trader Joe’s, or Morning Star) Jenny-O fresh turkey patty with a slice of cheese with no bun with a side of broccoli or Brussels Sprouts (any low calorie vegetable, carrots are too high in calories to be worth it) with a low calorie dipping sauce. Calories for this ranging from 250 to 300.
  • Turkey breast rolled up, cheese rolled up: no bread, side of side of broccoli or Brussels Sprouts. Calories for this is around 280.


  • I buy froze low-calorie frozen meals from Trader Joe’s and add onion, peppers, broccoli (any low calorie vegetable) and either chicken or shrimp.
    • I usually add some marinara sauce if i feel it’s needed and maybe some spices. I make these on the stovetop in one pan. Easy clean up and delicious.
    • I divid it between Alex and myself. It makes a yummy low calorie meal for 2. If I want to make this for the girls also I double the recipe, so I would use 2 meals. So for example, the gnocchi is 200 calories per serving, so I take 200 X 3 since there are 3 servings, divide that by 2 since two of us will eat is. It’s 300 calories per person give or take since you are estimating. Then you add the calories for the protein and vegetables. Depending on how much you put it it will be 350-450. Make sure to look at the calories and servings to make sure you have a low calorie one. I noticed there are some that are higher calories than others like the gnocchi does. 
    • My favorites are:
      • Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi: about 165 per serving per person. I don’t like this gnocchi as much because it doesn’t come with sauce but if you want to add your own, it’s yummy.
  • Snack: I have not been eating snacks often but when I do, these are the ones I have been drawn too.
    • Tuna Creations (mentioned about)
    • String cheese about 80 calories
    • Turkey pepperoni, I tend to get the store brand which is cheaper and tastes the same.

Helpful Tips: 

  • Drinks lots of water, which I am terrible at
  • When looking at the calories, pay attention to the serving size and how much the item weights. If you are in between 2 items that are similar in calories, always go with the one that has the higher grams it will keep you full longer.
  • When buying food, there could be a few versions of that type of food. Make sure you are getting the one with the lower calories.

These are the tips I have been using to get back into shape and eat better.  Have you made any changes in your diet or exercise? What have you been doing? How is it working?

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  1. When I first started teaching, I would eat tuna and crackers for lunch every day. I have long since forgotten about tuna until you mentioned it in this post. I’m in love with my Kind bars and have been eating a salad for lunch. Just trying not to overdue it but still enjoying eating. 💖

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