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Homebound Spring Break Ideas

Covid-19 is putting a real damper on Spring Break this year. I compiled ten special stay-at-home ideas to make this Spring Break extra spacial while helping maintaining your sanity.

photo-of-pitched-dome-tents-overlooking-mountain-ranges-1687845Tent Camp in Your Backyard: BBQ, make smores,  pitch tents, star gaze, enjoy the outdoors and most important . . . use your own bathrooms.

Explore Your Neighborhood: Find a new spot near your home you never been, and explore. We found a beautiful field with long yellow flowers. It was so lovely.

Movie Night: Rent/Buy a new movie online, configure your seats in your living room like the movie theatre, make pop-corn, get candy, soda and most important make movie tickets for the flick you are seeing.

IMG_6467Fashion Show: Hair, make-up and put old dresses on your little ones. You will laugh your heart out.

Take a Drive: Take a long drive. Get out of your zone, leave your neighborhood, go to the beach see the sand. Breath different air. Don’t get our of the car unless you feel comfortable to do so. Just being in a different location helps.

A Tea Party with Real Treats and Tea: Sit by a window and enjoy a lovely snack via a tea party.

Create a Bake Shop: Bake some yummy treats and set-up a fun bakery/coffee shop vibe with a waitress and all.

Garden: Or if you are like me, try to garden. I don’t have a green- thumb in my body. I am going to order some gardening things off Amazon and Walmart and give it a try. The kids will have a lot of fun with it.

Create a Ninja Course: Attach masking tape or streamers to the side of the walls and have your kids run through it over and under timing them. They will get a kick-out of it.

IMG_6470Spa Day: Do their nails, sheet masks, cucumbers over eyes, hair washed, bathrobe all day long.

Celebrate Unbirthdays: Pick someone different in your family everyday during spring break and celebrate them. Make their favorite meal, bake a cake, sing happy birthday.

Create an Obstacle Course: Use pillows, jump ropes, dolls, cars, etc. create a fun track to get your kids juices flowing.



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