Easy April Fool’s Jokes – Including pranks to do when you are working remote

With the craziness of Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, I am sure no one is thinking about April Fools, but this would be the perfect way to spend the day in self-quarantine.  

April Fool’s Day . . . a fun, harmless day of pranks. I compiled a list of April Fool’s to play on your kids, spouse, friends, co-workers, really anyone you want to prank especially when the world is going crazy from this virus.


Food color in the toilet’s water. What kid wouldn’t love toilet colored water? Not only would they love, it’s by far one of the easiest pranks ever.

IMG_4976The freezer makes the best partner when it comes to pranking your kids. You can freeze all your child’s favorites the night before, like bowl of cereal with a spoon in it, a cup full of juice/milk, snacks, the possibilities are endless. — I planned on doing this again this year, but our freezer is packed with all our food for the next few weeks. I hope I can find room to make this happen.

Bug out! Put a fake plastic bug in your child’s drink, food or inside of a lamp so you see a shadow of a bug.

Loose your car! The night before April Fool’s Day, park your car around the corner, not easily seen by your child. Freak out when you realize your car is missing.

gogle eyesGoggle eyes on everything in your child’s lunch box, the fridge, the pantry, anything and everything.

Mash potato ice cream sundae. Scoop mashed potatoes, top with sundae toppings like sprinkles, hot fudge and of course a cherry.

Freaky Friday April Fool’s addition. When your kids are asleep, switch their beds with each other. For me, that would mean Dylan would be in the crib and Tabitha on the bed. This would be pretty easy to do considering they share a room.


Convince him/her your parents are coming to visit for a month— and staying with you.

Declare you have found your latest baby. Tell him about this adorable animal you just couldn’t leave at the shelter. Then show him the picture and it’s a wolf.

close-up-of-a-diamond-ring-326648Tell him you misplaced . . . um  . . . lost your engagement ring.

Hide a large fake bug or mouse, scream, jump up and down pointing at the disgusting creature.

Offer to buy his favorite fast food on your way home. Fill the fast food bag with healthy food like broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, etc.

Create milk splatters with glue, making your spouse think your little one spilled milk all over. All you need to do this is white Elmer’s Glue! What parent doesn’t have that?

Put their car up for sale on social media, put a sign on their car with your spouses’ phone number. Make sure you price the car right so people will want the car. And they will be getting calls all day. You can even have friends call with a blocked number to make it even better.


For far away friends, I post something monumental on Facebook. In previous years, I said I was moving back to NJ and got a tattoo.

Have friends coming over that day? Tape the sensor on the remote so they won’t be able to change the channels.

Give a friend a frozen glass of wine.

Remote Working Pranks:

Change the password to the shared calendar. We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t log into something that you normally get into so easily. Try not to piss your boss off too much.

Cheap airfare. Traveling abroad for a month. In wake of the current situation, most will likely see through this one, but if they don’t they will be shocked!

Remove or move shared documents. Nothing like on a shared worksheet only to go make a change on it and it’s gone.

Put a last meeting on your team’s calendar for April 1st, asking for a report due that day.

In-Office Pranks:

Bring a delicious treat . . .an empty box of donuts with a sign inside that says: Got You! Happy April Fool’s Day!

Come in early or stay late and cover your co-workers’ desk from head to in post-it notes. Don’t leave any spot uncovered. The work will be well worth the laughter . . .

Fill your boss’ office with balloons, so when they open their door on April Fool’s it’s hard to walk in.

Bring in a toaster or coffee maker and add a note to it, saying voice activated. Then watch as your co-workers hilariously try to make toast or coffee with their voice.

Leave a paper cup with a note saying, don’t move unless you plan on killing it on your co-worker’s desk.

Keep in Mind:

Never do anything mean, keep the person’s feeling in mind. Always think would you want this prank pulled on you?

Don’t say you are pregnant. That’s the worst joke you can play especially since you never know what someone is going through.

Last year, I froze Dylan’s cereal. This year, I plan to go overboard and really get everyone in my family especially since everyone will be home. I will frozen breakfast if I find space, goggle eyes and maybe a BUG in her lunch or dinner. Will you prank someone? What prank will you do? Comment below. I would love to see what you plan to do.

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