2019, You Were Exceptional

By the end of last year I was feeling deflated — 2018 was a difficult year for us, lots of stress, nothing seemed to go in our favor.

This year was exceptional. It started with a trip to Big Bear for a snowy getaway. It was the perfect few days with lots of snow, more than we ever could have hoped for. The girls loved the snow. The house we stayed in was perfect. It had a yard so we could play there without having to go to the ski lodges. Tabitha was too small for tubbing anyway.

IMG_6451In March, Dylan had been waitlisted from every private school we applied too. I had no idea private school was so competitive. We hoped our local school which was a 3 out of 10 would be better than it looked. After a tour, we knew this was not the right place for her. I decided it was time to look at schools in the valley. We quickly found most schools in the neighborhoods we wanted, were at least an 8. By April I was viewing homes in the valley. I fell in love with our home by the end of April. And by early May we were signing a lease in Paris!

Yes, we were in a race against time since we were leaving for my birthday trip. And there were other offers on the table.

We spent an amazing week in Paris exploring all the sights, enjoying the food, wine and relaxing without the kids. I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day in Paris! How lucky?!

Soon after, I was rejected from the 7637 job that I got to the final round. Alex encouraged me to take a break from the job hunt. After a lot of convincing, that’s what I did.

IMG_8975Three weeks later, we moved the day before my 40th birthday. Good thing we celebrate in Paris.

I spent the summer exploring our new neighborhood, going to our community pool, and getting settled into our new home. This was by far one of my best and hardest summers as an adult. I learned patience, to let go of things, go with the flow and really enjoy the girls while they are little.


Dylan is now in kindergarten in one of the best schools in Los Angeles. I’m shocked how different the curriculum is at her school compared to my friends with kids in other areas of LA all the same grade.

Sesnon Fire
The image below was one that I found online of the fire coming right up to the back of our yard.

In October, the Sesnon Fire came right up to the back of our home. Unbelievably the house was in tact with no damage. It was a terrifying experience. I’m thankful we and our new friends are safe. All have none to minimal damage. 🙌

Tabitha is in ‘mommy preschool.’ I’m blown away by how much she’s picking up. She’ll eventually go to preschool but for now I’m enjoying my time with her since I didn’t have this with Dylan.

Just a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding in India. This was a trip of a lifetime. From start to finish, I was blown away by their hospitality, they welcomed us with open arms. We had the best time. I’ll never forget this experience.

IMG_9851As for me, I went through a lifestyle change, working on my eating habits and working out. Before we moved, I hiked 4-5 times a week. Now, I’m trying to find a good balance for working out and being here for the girls.

IMG_0577I’m enjoying my ‘retirement’ for now. I’m loving (most days) being home with the girls, working on projects and doing homework with Dylan. It’s definitely challenging but also rewarding. I feel fortunate I’m able to be home with the girls.

As for Alex, as most of you know, he’s a workaholic to the 9’s. Days/weeks on end he’s working until 1-4am. He’s constantly working, even when he’s home, he’s doing something, researching projects, figuring out a solution, etc. I’m proud to say, after working at Image Metrics for 10 years and working insane hours most of those years, he was promoted to VP of Development. 🥂🎉🥂

2019 is ending on a high note. I can’t wait to see where 2020 takes us, how much the girls learn and grow! And I can’t wait to share great experiences with you.

Be well! Enjoy this new year! Wishing you the best in 2020!

Pamela, Alex, Dylan, and Tabitha

1 thought on “2019, You Were Exceptional”

  1. I’m so happy to see that you embraced this year and enjoyed it! It was a pretty awesome year for you! I remember reading about 2018 and it’s nice to see this comparison. So happy your house survived the fire and Dylan has found a good school. I feel like I have been there for it all! Happy 2020 to you! I can’t wait to see what this new year brings! 💖


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