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Holiday Shopping is Under Way!

I have always loved the holidays, the cheesier the better. I love every aspect of the holidays, the traditions, Santa, decorating, Hanukkah (we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah), dressing up and of course the shopping.

This year is going to be the most fun yet with Dylan understanding more and more. She has been talking about Santa for weeks already. I have not brought up Santa, I keep forgetting, for a few reasons. I am Jewish and never grew up with Santa. Well, always knew about him and got a gift from him yearly but that’s all. She wants to read all her Santa books all the time lately. I say, we celebrate Hanukkah too and that’s first. Her face is confused, like so?! Little does she know, she will get 8 gifts then too.

I am normally so into the holidays and all the traditions to the annoyingness of my husband. But this year, I can’t seem to get into it.


Luckily the holiday season has just started, I have a week or so to get into it before Hanukkah starts. I hate when Hanukkah is so early. I am still wrapping my head around it being the end of November. This year FLEW!

I wanted to share the fun things I have already got my daughters over the year. I always stock up for the holidays throughout the year, especially when a store  is closing, Thank you Toys ‘R’ Us!



Disney Promotional Code: Amazing for 20% off, SHIPMAGIC for frees shipping for orders over $75





J. Crew Factory promo code: Add2cart

  • Girls’ two-toned gumball necklace: Dylan loves all things jewelry and so does Tabitha. I will likely pay for not getting them both this but I am risking it this time. Was $18.40, marked down to $9,99 with 40% off, came to $6
  • Girls’ two-toned gumball bracelet: Matches the necklace perfectly. Was $12.50, marked down to $9.50 and with 40% off it’s $5.70
  •  Velvet hair bow: Dylan is obsessed with hair ties. She will love this one. Was $14.50, marked down to $8.50 with 40% off it’s $5! Only available in black now.
  • Girl’s earrings: $9.50 marked down to $9.50 with 50% off $3.75

That’s the round-up of what I ordered this weekend. I know I am lacking on gifts for Tabitha. I am finding it challenging since we own a lot of the toys already and we are limited on space. Do you have suggestions to share?

I have a ton of toys in my closet from the Toys ‘R’ Us Closing sale! I will do a round-up of those on an upcoming post.

I am dying to know, what goodies did you get for your kiddos or anyone else this weekend? Where did you find the best deals?

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