Take Time For You . . . Quarantine Style

The last three months, has really taken a toll on all of us.

Quarantine life is hard.

As the world opens up, we will not be taking advantage of the things we have missed. We haven’t ordered meals in yet, so eating in a restaurant is the furthest thing from our minds. Keeping my sanity, my zen has become so important to be a better mom.

Take Time For You . . .

Workout or Take Walks Daily: Early on I realized taking time for myself to restart, really helped my patience. After I put Tabitha down for a nap, I head out for a walk. My oldest entertains herself while I am out. My husband is home working making it easy for me to leave for a little bit.

I leave the house, stressed, uncomfortable, ready to burst. I come back, relaxed, calmed and ready to take on the rest of the day. My walks are anywhere from 15 mins to an hour.

If you can’t leave your house without your kids, workout in room with your door closed or in the backyard.

It doesn’t matter where you do this, just take time for you!

Home Mani/Pedi: I am the worse at doing my own nails. I watched some YouTube videos for tips. Plus, I read Cupcakes and Cashmere’s blog post on giving yourself the perfect manicure. All these tips, plus Essie nail polish (light colors so you see less mistakes), a quick dry top coat and glass nail file has really helped my manicure skills. When my nails are done, I feel more like myself.

Facials: Once the kids are in bed, I usually pour myself a glass of wine and veg on the sofa while scrolling my phone. But there are some days where I want to really relax. Once a week, I have been enjoying at home facials with either a sheet mask or a mud mask.

Long Drives: Just taking a long drive for a change of scenery with or without the kids. Driving especially if you can rive by water — a lake, pond, ocean anything is super calming.

How do you keep your sanity during this time? Comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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