Make the Most Out of Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is going to look very different this year, we all know that. We have been in quarantine for over 2 months, with no real end in sight– well in Los Angeles anyway.

The Letdown . . . 

Memorial Day has always been the unofficially start of summer. And for me, was when I would celebrate my birthday when I was growing up.

So how can we make Memorial Day weekend fun and memorable during this crisis?

4 Ways to Make Your Memorial Day Memorable this Year:

IMG_6511Backyard Camping: Stake your tent in your backyard, grill some burgers, make S’mores, play games outside. Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home.

BBQ: Grill your favorite burgers, hotdogs, kebabs, wings, ribs, corn on the cob, and margaritas. Spend the day outside, and play ring toss, blow bubbles, play tag, etc.

*Hike: Hikes and trails opened last week. Take advantage of this and explore new hike trails or enjoy a hike you have missed the last few months.

photo-of-three-people-standing-on-beach-4430312*Beach: If the beaches are opened near you, take advantage. Our beaches are open to activities; working out, running, walking, swimming, etc. You can not lay out, or play in the sand. A walk by the beach would be amazing right now.

How do you plan to enjoy Memorial Day weekend? I hope to have a BBQ with our family, maybe even a walk on the beach.

How ever you celebrate, hope you stay safe, and have fun. 

*Don’t forget, if a mask is required where you live, remember to take it with you when you leave your house. 





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