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Mother’s Day Craft

Since Dylan was born, I have been trying my best to do memorable inexpensive gifts for family and close friends. Time goes so quickly. It will be nice to look back to see how tiny Dylan and Tabitha’s hands and feet are through these fun gifts we have made together.

While figuring out my next memorable craft, I discovered Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint. It is the only paint that will use your oven like a kiln, making the paint permeant and dish washer safe. This paint is non-toxic, and best part its water based.

IMG_4904This unique waterproof formula can be used on all surfaces that can withstand heat, including ceramic, porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terracotta, metal, and more. It is completely removable from the piece or clothing until it is baked in the oven. Making this paint a perfect combination for memorable crafts and working with children.

Before Coronavirus hit, I found this large white round platter at a secondhand shop for $3. I was hoping to find something larger, but for $3 it would do. I just purchased this platter off of Wal-Mart’s site for $13.98. I am surprised how fast it came. I plan to make a platter for myself for Mother’s Day.

I used a spring flower pattern using their hands has flowers.

IMG_4889Before using any paint, I put their hands down on the plate to get an idea of size, and where they should be place. Once I figure that out, I made sure to have wipes nearby for mistakes and quick clean-up of the kid’s hands. Since I only had prime colors, I created purple and pink the girl’s favorite colors for the flowers.

Once the paint was mixed, I applied the paint to the Dylan’s hand using a sponge brush, I applied the paint quickly so it would not dry. Dylan went first so Tabitha could see how it was done.

I applied a thin to medium layer of paint, making sure to get all the crevices of her hand to make sure you could see all the veins and markings once the paint dried.

If you are not happy with how the hand came out, simply wipe the paint off with a wipe or wet paper towel and wait a few minutes to dry. Then try again. Once you are happy with how the handprints come out, move onto the next handprint.

Once you are happy with the handprints, work on the details to your design. The design I went with needed steams, grass, leaves, etc.

I let the girls dip their fingers into paint colors I choose, to add the border around the edge of the platter. They had so much fun doing this.

On the back of the plate, Dylan wrote her and Tabitha’s name and the year using Pebeo Porcelaine fine tip pen.


Let the design dry for 24-36 hours.

Then, place the piece onto the oven rack and set it to 300º Fahrenheit. Start a timer for 30 minutes. Once the timer goes off, turn the oven off. If you can, open the door, and let the piece cool down. I know with children you don’t want to keep the oven door open, so don’t. But keep the piece inside the oven until it is completely cooled down. Make sure the piece is completely cooled down so prevent any damage it.

You will need the oven more than 30 mins with cool down time so make sure you don’t need it for a few hours around baking the piece.

Once the piece is baked, it will be microwaveable, dishwasher safe and safe to clean with solvents. Most importantly, you will have a piece you can treasure for years and years to come.



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