Five Kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Bring a little magic to your home on March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day!

Five Kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day Traditions:

Leave evidence a lucky leprechaun visited your home with green food dye in the toilet water, in the morning milk, the bottled water, etc.  Throw green confetti around your home to add to the fun!

Serve your family green/festive food all day long.

    • Breakfast:
      • Mini bagels with green cream cheese, side of green grapes.
      • Lucky Charms cereal with green milk.
      • Green pancakes (just add food dye to the batter). Since St. Patrick’s Day is during the week, if you wanted to make pancakes, I would suggest making them the night before so you are not stressed in the morning.
    • Lunch:
      • Pea soup with green apples
      • Use a shamrock cookie cutter to make your child’s sandwich festive
    • Dinner:
      • Green pancakes for dinner
      • Green mac and cheese
      • Green apple juice or green wine/beer for parents
    • Snack:
      • Green grapes
      • Green apples
      • Create a rainbow with fruit and snacks with gold chocolate coins
      • Rainbow fuit cup


  • Using a large green ink pad, stamp your little ones hand 4 times in a round formation creating a shamrock. Then allow them to decorate the steam.
  • This link has some easy, adorable crafts too! We will be using some of these fun ideas leading up to St. Patricks Day. leprechaun_trap_

Create a leprechaun trap.

Most importantly, make sure you wear green or your will get pinched!

How do you plan on celebrating this year? Comment below. I would love to hear from you!  I will comment with how we plan on celebrating.

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