Letdowns — Good, bad everyone experiences them. It’s how we choose to deal with them, allow them to roll off our back, pester or find humor in what life throws at us. Humor is the key to keeping your sanity when you are a momma. Humor and wine.

Let’s get to know each other. . . .

I am Pamela, a former New Jersey native who moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago. I came to LA to follow my dream . . . of living completely snow free All Year Round. (Unless we choose otherwise and visit a snowy destination) I have 2 adorable daughters—Dylan, 6 and Tabitha 3 years old. I met my husband at work 10 years ago on 8/9/10. We were working at an awful start-up, became great friends, and that was the beginning of our “letdown” story.

My husband, Alex is a software engineer who works tirelessly, insane hours, rarely home before 9pm and does all-nighters all the time. Most days I don’t know how he is able to stay awake at all.

I am a marketer who is currently looking for my next great opportunity.

Join me, as I share all of our letdowns through humor, spicy sarcasm and a little bit of grace.