You’ve Got Mail

Growing up in an age of letter writing, pen pals and care packages (yes, I just aged myself), was there anything more exciting than receiving a letter/post card/package in the mail?

I didn’t think so.

I loved writing letters.  Then emailing took over and now texting. It seems as though our communication is becoming less and less personal.

I do my best to remember friends/family birthdays with a homemade gift, Amazon or something I have found throughout the year. I have a box of goodies I have found on sale that would be perfect for friends’ birthdays especially if I am in a pitch.

A gift for a birthday is almost a given. But a card/present out of nowhere, that is a lost art. There is really nothing better than knowing someone was thinking about you and actually did something about it.

Mail_DayLast week, I got an adorable card with a Starbucks gift card from a friend that I have known almost 20 years. We barely see each other these days, if we are lucky once a year but lately more like once every few years.

It made my day, I felt so special.

I am missed. 

We are all busy, and get lost in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to text someone back never mind sending a card or gift. Sending a card to a loved one, takes little time and the rewards far surpass the work.

I am going to do my best to remember this in my daily life; giving compliments, sending cards, holding the door, letting a car into the lane, etc.

Let’s spread the love! I would love to know from you. How do you pay-it-forward and make other feel good? Do you send cards? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail”

  1. I think that often times life gets in the way of life. I am the type of person who prefers to get things for people that I don’t think they would get for themselves. I think we as a society have turned gift giving into a chore/expectation and it has lost the meaning behind the giving. I’d rather do something special as your friend did for you.

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    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Exactly. She saw this card and knew I would love it. I want to do more of that especially since we just moved. It’s only 40 mins away but we won’t see those friends as often as we once it.


  2. I love sending cards, surprises gifts, checking in with people! Although I still forget at times too. As a matter of fact, there’s a couple people I think of all the time, but I haven’t reach out to. I’m going to add them to my to-do list so I don’t forget! 💖 Love this post!

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