2020, Was a Doozy

16 days into 2021 and I am starting to be ready to reflect on a jarring year.

2020 was a year we never hoped for but was.

2020 was the year we all wished we could fast forward but had to live through.

2020 was the year we all wanted to sleep through and wake up in 2021 or later.

2020 was the year the year that started off normal, less than 3 months was bizarre.

2020 was the when we were in quarantine for months at a time (in Los Angeles still in lockdown).

2020 was a year everyone you knew had a strange/bad year.

2020 will go down in history– good or bad.

2020 was the year that made us appreciate all we had.

It made us feel lucky to have a roof over our heads, food in our tummy and internet to entertain ourselves. It made us appreciate our families, our friends, and good wine. It made us live in the moment.

2020, was the year we all slowed down. It was the year we stayed home. It was the year we ate EVERY meal together as a family since (most) people worked from home. It was the year we barely saw friends/extended family in person.

The first half of the pandemic Facetime/Zoom was embraced to have connections with friends and family. Six months into the pandemic, we were all over virtual hang outs and moved to meeting on driveways for a 6 feet apart gathering.

It was the year of drive by birthday parties, masks, waiting in line to get into stores, it was the year of toilet paper shortages, Instachart and Uber Eats instead of Uber.

It was the year waving at a friend from across the street you had not seen in months gave you life you would never had understood before.

2020, was the year we crafted more than I ever thought possible, watched more movies/TV, played more board games, read more books, learned new hobbies.

We played more, bathed less.

Drank less water (he he), more wine and coffee to survive the long days.

The days where long so long, longer and then all of a sudden they weren’t long. Once it was November and December it flew. Before we knew it the longest year in memory was over.

2021 can only go up from here. Let’s hope for the best with a vaccine for Covid being distributed. Life could go back to normal, hopefully by the summer.

With 16 days into the year, there was a riot in Washington. Let’s hope that was just a blimp and not forshadowing for the year to come.

Happy New Year, friends! Wishing you a better 2021 than you had in 2020.

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