End of Summer Fun

My favorite season is coming to a close yet again, the end of summer is upon us.

The Letdown. 

This year, I was lucky enough to spend almost everyday enjoying the best parts of summer with my girls. With only days left until Dylan starts school, I started thinking, what are the best ways to mark the end of summer; especially when you live in a cold climate where you won’t see warm weather again for 10 months unless you go on vacation.

6 Ways to End the Summer in an Epic Way

baywatch-beach-blur-745236Beach Day: Grab your friends/family head to the beach. Bring lunch, some wine, sand toys, and relax (the best you can if you have kids) watching the calmness of the ocean, with the cool breeze on your face

Ice Cream Party: Setup a ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings you can think of; whip cream, nuts, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, and cherries in your backyard. Nothing is better than having a party and avoiding the mess. Invite all your neighbors and family to enjoy the beautiful end of summer weather.

Go to a Park:  Take your kids to that park you have been putting off all summer. Yes, it might be out of your normal driving distance, but you will make amazing memories and your kids will be thrilled. Isn’t that what summer is all about?

blur-concert-couple-2530176Take Advantage of Lasts: The last summer concert, the last summer art walk, the last happy hour on the outdoor patio, the last outdoor movie night etc. Take advantage of all the lasts since you don’t have them again for a year and really there is nothing better than enjoying anything summer.

Pool: Have a full on pool day with lunch, snacks, wine, etc. Make a day of it not just a few hours. When the kids are back in school and there is a new routine, you will miss the days of sitting at the pool when you had nothing else to do but go to the supermarket and sit at the pool.

activity-beauty-blue-61129Enjoy: Enjoy every last minute left of the summer sun on your tanned face. Remember you have an entire year before summer is here again. Make the last days memorable.


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