Easy April Fool’s Jokes

April Fool’s Day . . . a fun, harmless day of pranks. I complied a list of April Fool’s to play on your kids, spouse, friends, co-workers, really anyone you want to prank.

gogle eyes


  • Food color in the toilet’s water. What kid wouldn’t love toilet colored water? Not only would they love, it’s by far one of the easiest pranks ever.
  • The freezer makes the best partner when it comes to pranking your kids. You can freeze all your child’s favorites the night before, like bowl of cereal with a spoon in it, a cup full of juice/milk, snacks. The possibilities are endless. . .
  • Goggly eyes on everything in your child’s lunch box, the fridge, the pantry, anything and everything.
  • Bug out! Put a fake plastic bug in your child’s drink, food or inside of a lamp so you see a shadow of a bug.
  • Loose your car! The night before April Fool’s Day, park your car around the corner, not easily seen by your child. Freak out when you realize your car is missing.
  • Give school age children play money to buy their lunch. If you go this route, make sure to tuck some cash in the backpack/wallet so they aren’t left hungry.


  • Convince him/her your parents are coming to visit for a month– and staying with you.
  • Declare you have found your latest baby. Tell him about this adorable animal you just couldn’t leave at the shelter. Then show him the picture and it’s a wolf.
  • Tell him you misplaced . . . um  . . . lost your engagement ring.
  • Hide a large fake bug or mouse, scream, jump up and down pointing at the disgusting creature.
  • Offer to buy his favorite fast food on your way home. Fill the fast food bag with healthy food like broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, etc.


  • For far away friends, I post something monumental on Facebook. In previous years, I said I was moving back to NJ and got a tattoo.
  • Have friends coming over that day? Tape the sensor on the remote so they won’t be able to change the channels.
  • Give a friend a frozen glass of wine.


  • Bring a delicious treat . . .an empty box of donuts with a sign inside that says: Got You! Happy April Fool’s Day!

Keep in Mind:

  • Never do anything mean, keep the person’s feeling in mind. Always think would you want this prank pulled on you?
  • Don’t tell your kids they are going to Disney, or anything amazing like that, if you aren’t. That’s just mean.
  • Don’t ever say you are pregnant. That’s the worst joke you can play especially since you never know what someone is going through.



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